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Voguish Ways to Bring Out Your Mahogany Hair Color

Do you know that mahogany color is a combination of red and dark brown shades? This mane color is very modish nowadays because it’s vibrant and easy to combine with any style you want. Apart from that, it has a very nice tinge that gives you that bloom nevertheless what your skin tone is. Therefore, it also doesn’t matter if your hair is short or long because you’ll be able to find the perfect look for you. I have here the different ways to wear your mahogany hair color.

1.) Mahogany Highlights

If this is the first time that you will be using the mahogany hair shade. I suggest you try first the highlights to see if it compliments your skin or not. This can also give you that edgy and chic look appearance that you will like. This is ideal for your wavy or curly hair if you want to make it stand out even more. So it even doesn’t matter if you have a cool or warm undertone because it’s perfect for everyone.

2.) Light Mahogany

If you’re searching for something classic and soft, this color will give you that look. You can try this lighter shade by itself or doing an ombre and dip dye style, still it really depends which you prefer. But if you want something different, you can also try it as a mixture of baby lights and balayage. Amazingly it looks great if you have long hair and then add some small curls. As for short, I prefer to have it straightened. Well whatever you pick, I’m sure it will look great on you.

Hair Color

3.) Vibrant Mahogany Hair Color

This color still has a brown shade but since the percentage of the reddish color is more, it looks like there is no brown mixed in it. So if you want to go all out and just be wild and free, you will absolutely adore this. It will surely give you that glow and refreshed look like you haven’t felt any stress in life. And to make it more interesting, you can also add some highlights to it like copper shades to make it livelier and fun. Or you can also try other highlights that you think will best suit your taste and style.

4.) Mahogany Blonde Ombre / Balayage

Do you want to do an experiment with your hair and make it more fascinating? People now a day want to try something bold and trendy. So, you can actually try the mahogany fading to blonde shade since ombre is getting more famous and in right now. The good part is that these two colors are actually complementing each other and creates a marvelous combination that looks so cool. Therefore, give it a try and make your hair an astonishing look whether it’s ombre or balayage style.

Mahogany hair color has a stunning hue that many of the girls all over the world are using up until today. Even just merely looking at the color will give you the feels like a rock star or sexy, or like a strong and not afraid of anything person (that’s just for me). Regarding the best style that I like, I’m in love with the Mahogany Blonde Ombre / Balayage because it gives me that confidence as you are being cheered on feeling. I know it sounds unrealistic but honestly, it really helps when you find what is fit for you. Well, I hope that these hairstyles can at least help and give you an idea that is suitable for you and will make you feel and look amazing.

Forbidden, by Tabitha Suzuma

Synopsis:  She  is sweet, sensitive and extremely suffering: she is sixteen years old, but the maturity of a woman marked by the trials and deprivations of poverty, the strong pulse and the temper of those who have raised younger brothers as children for years, and only one he knows the hurt and selflessness that hide behind his sad blue eyes.

He is brilliant, generous and highly responsible: he is seventeen, but the fiber and sense of duty of a family man, fighting against everything and everyone to keep him together, and only one person knows the greatness and strength of characters that hide behind those intense green eyes.

They are brother and sister.

But will the world receive with open arms those who dared to violate one of its most ingrained taboos? And you, would you receive?

The love story lived by Lochan and Maya is much more than incest, it is first of all the story of two young people fighting together to raise an entire family alone.

“You can close your eyes to the things you don’t want to see, but you can’t close your heart to the things you don’t want to feel. (Page 9)

They were abandoned by their father at an early age, while their mother divides herself in “getting drunk” and looking for a new lover (what a hateful woman!) Leaving them to their own devices.

Thus, Maya and Lochan were forced from an early age to take charge of their lives and take care of the younger brothers, Kit, Tiffin and Willa. Adorable children, but each at a different stage of life and with their own questions.

Kit, for example, is the typical “problem boy”, who at the height of his 13 years and an uncontrollable anger, will end up making irreversible decisions that will directly affect everyone around him. The two minors, Tiffin and Willa are still very young and have little understanding of what is going on around them.

Still talking about the “couple”, Maya is more passionate and impulsive, I would not say that she is irresponsible, quite the opposite, she is absurdly responsible, only in this particular case, she is being taken totally by the love she feels. Lochan, on the other hand, is the most rational of the pair, so much so that he feels sorry for so much suffering, there are so many questions, so much fear, so much pain, that it is agonizing to accompany him.

“- We didn’t do anything wrong! How can our love be considered horrible when we are not harming anyone? His eyes descend on mine, shining damp in the gloom. “I don’t know,” he whispers. – How can a wrong thing feel so right? ” (Page 131)

How do you start defending a story like that? How is it possible to accept something like this? I sincerely do not know. However, despite this intense and insane reading, I still have no words to define how much this book has impacted me, how many different reflections and emotions he has conveyed to me, how beautiful Maya is and her love so transparent and without fear.

Lochan, who has been winning over me despite all his internal conflicts, leaving my heart in pieces with each chapter. The children, who gave a special touch to the plot and how merciless and immaculate this story is at the same time.

It is not an easy book and it is definitely not for anyone, I believe that it takes an extra dose of courage, detachment and above all, love, in its purest conception, to understand, accept and even hope for a condemned relationship like this .

“But how can we explain to the outside world that Lochan and I are brothers only because of a biological accident? That we were never brothers in the sense of the word, but always partners, having to create a royal family as we grew up? How can I explain that I never felt Lochan as a brother, but as something much, much more than that – my soulmate, my best friend, part of the very fibers of my being? How can we explain that this situation, the love we feel for each other – everything that in society’s eyes may seem sickly, perverted and repulsive -, is totally natural, wonderful and… so right for us? ” (Page 238)

There is no doubt that it is a disturbing, reflective and tearing book that walks along tortuous lines between right and wrong, sinner and sin. But at the same time it is sweet, exciting and visceral, making every page worth reading.

Tabitha Suzuma built a beautiful story, making her characters win the hearts of her readers to the point of leaving the incestuous context aside and focusing only on the life of this family and the love of this couple, even if it does not mean a happy to ever.

Moon Lovers – Scarlet Heart Ryeo

Synopsis:  During a solar eclipse, the young Go Ha-jin (IU) is transported to the time when the Goryeo Dynasty ruled Korea. As Hae Soo, she soon finds herself surrounded by royalty and ends up meeting the feared and courageous 4th Prince Wang So (Lee Jong Ki). As the two get closer and closer, the young woman soon finds herself immersed in a game of intrigue, love and power struggles.

I am a big fan of Asian dramas, especially Korean ones, but I had never seen a period production. My debut was with Moon Lovers and I believe I started on the right foot, because the story is sensational!

The original version created by Tang Hua, derives from a Chinese novel by the name Bubu Jing Xin .

In an incredible blend of fantasy and reality, Moon Lovers will tell the story of a 25 year old girl from the modern era, who during a solar eclipse is transported to the Goryeo dynasty.

In debt, without a job and without a boyfriend, Ha Jin is complaining about the bad luck in his life, when he watches a little boy drowning and jumps into the water to save him.

At this very moment, something unexpected happens, and during a solar eclipse, it is engulfed by the waters and transported to the Emperor Taejo dynasty in the year 918.

There, she will be Hae So , a sixteen-year-old girl who will emerge from the palace waters, where the beautiful princes, sons of the king, live.

Initially, Hae So will be confused, without really understanding what is happening around her. But, little by little she discovers that she is part of that universe and will try to adapt to the new reality in the best possible way.

She will develop a strong friendship with most princes and fall in love with two of them. At the beginning of the story, for the 8th Prince Wang Wook and as time goes by, his affection will turn into love for Wang So , the feared and courageous 4th Prince.

Their involvement with both happens in a subtle and natural way, not least because a love triangle does not even form, since each romance happens in different periods of history.

Based on real facts, this Korean series of beautiful landscapes, impeccable costumes and perfect soundtrack. It also portrays all the greed for the throne of Taejo and the articulations for power.

Full of action, greed and battles for the kingdom, Moon Lovers will make you smile, cry, cheer and be moved by all those wonderful characters.

I finished watching with a tight heart, sad even at the end, and with an immense longing for this beautiful plot, which despite all the conflicts involved, will be a story that I will never forget. It was certainly the best K-drama I watched in 2018, no, I dare say it was one of the best K-dramas I have ever seen!

The day when everything changed …

A few days ago I felt strange, as if suddenly I no longer belonged to myself. Although exactly the same in the mirror reflection, I felt my body different. There were only two signs: sore breasts and five days late menstruation. Enough for me to buy the pregnancy test.

I passed the pharmacy and chose the cheapest test, I didn’t want to spend too much because I was hoping that the result would be negative. The test seemed to boil in my hands, as if he wanted to tell me there was no going back. But I wasn’t ready , I hadn’t thought about it.

At home I told my husband “I’m going to take the test, but it will probably be negative” . How silly I was, as soon as the urine touched the tape, the two red strokes appeared strong and shiny, as if greeting me saying:


I froze, texted my sister to confirm what my eyes were seeing. Yes, it was a positive. Cry. At first it was not a cry of happiness, it was a cry of the most absolute panic . What would I do now? No, it wouldn’t be a problem because I was already 30 years old, I had been married for eight to a wonderful man, there was no reason for so much drama, right? Wrong!

It was my right to feel panicked, after all everything would change, my quiet and peaceful little life would suffer a huge turn! I went to the room with the test in hand, more tears. Diego looked at me a little scared, smiled, hugged me and said that everything would be all right. I know he panicked too, but calming me down first is part of who he is.

To clear up any doubts, I did the blood test, and of course, it was positive. It was then the time to make an appointment and face that yes, I would be a mother, Diego would be a father and everything was fine. God had sent us a gift and we would accept it with joy and an open heart .

Day July 25, 2017 was the day that everything changed. The day when I discovered that I was no longer alone, that inside me there was a little being growing and developing.

Nine months have passed since then, and I have been for a few weeks (at most two) of meeting my most precious asset: Benjamin ! It was not an easy pregnancy (I talk about it in another post), but he is strong and healthy, so nothing else matters. I wait for you son, come without hurry.

The Tea Planter’s Wife by Dinah Jefferies

Synopsis: In 1925, the young Gwendolyn Hooper sets sail from Scotland to meet her husband, Laurence in exotic Ceylon, on the other side of the world. Newly married and in love, they are the definition of the perfect aristocratic couple: the beautiful British lady and the owner of one of the most prosperous tea farms in the empire. But when you arrive at the mansion on the idyllic Hooper estate, nothing is as Gwendolyn imagined:

the employees seem resentful and silent, and the neighbors, treacherous. Her husband, though affectionate, shows that he keeps dark secrets from the past and refuses to talk about certain matters. Upon discovering that she is pregnant, the young woman feels happy for the first time since arriving in Ceylon. But on the day of giving birth, something unexpected is revealed. Now, it is she who is forced to keep something terrible secret,

Set in Sri Lanka in 1925, the book will tell the story of Gwen, a 19-year-old newlywed who needs to move to Ceylon in order to follow the work of her husband Laurence, a well-known tea producer Of region.

However, as soon as she arrives in the new country, the girl realizes that nothing is the way she had imagined. Intrigued, Gwendolyn starts to more closely observe the environment in which she lives, since the singular behavior of the employees, always aloof and of few words, combined with the equally suspicious habits of her husband, lead her to believe that something did not fit with should.

“He must have his reasons, she thought. But what could explain that strange expression in your eyes? ” (Page 44)

However, when she realizes that she is pregnant, her life changes completely, and Gwen starts to dedicate herself completely to the arrival of the new baby. When she discovers that she will give birth to twins, her heart overflows with happiness, but, nothing would prepare her for what was to come.

During childbirth, something surprising happens, forcing Gwendolyn to take a drastic and unimaginable attitude that will torment her for the rest of her life.

“With a whole world of imaginary horrors lurking around her head and taking on gigantic proportions, Gwen felt like a steel cable was squeezing her chest.” (Page 145)

The plot also has very interesting and essential secondary characters for the construction of this incredible story, they are: Aia Navenna, faithful and honest, she proves to be much more than a simple maid and will do everything she can to help the mistress in more adverse situations. The enigmatic Savi Ravasinghe, a local painter who is introduced to us in the first chapter and who will be a great surprise throughout history. We will also have Fran, who is Gwen’s cousin, for whom the protagonist has great appreciation. And finally, we have Verity, Gwendolyn’s spoiled sister-in-law.

The book turned out to be an unexpected and pleasant surprise, I never imagined reading something so incredible. However, I believe that the biggest and best performance in the entire plot, was really the protagonist, Gwen. After all, few would do what she was able to do.

He is a brilliant character with the will and perseverance necessary to maintain sanity in the face of the fateful events of his life. Wonderful!

The author’s first book published in Brazil, The perfume of the tea leaf is a beautiful historical novel, set in the 20th century and that held me from the first to the last line.

Addressing secrets and deep suffering, Dinah Jefferies presents the reader with a well-structured and very rich plot, in a sensational way. A beautiful book that touches on guilt and the destructive effect that is established in people’s lives.

I finished the reading full of questions and with a squeezed heart for everything I read and for all the twists and turns presented.

“Nobody had ever said that being a mother meant living with such an indescribable love that it would take your breath away, and with a fear so terrible that it would shake your soul. And nobody had ever warned about the proximity of these two feelings. ” (Page 413)

I recommend this book for romance fans, and for those who appreciate a good story. Very good!

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