Moon Lovers – Scarlet Heart Ryeo

Synopsis:  During a solar eclipse, the young Go Ha-jin (IU) is transported to the time when the Goryeo Dynasty ruled Korea. As Hae Soo, she soon finds herself surrounded by royalty and ends up meeting the feared and courageous 4th Prince Wang So (Lee Jong Ki). As the two get closer and closer, the young woman soon finds herself immersed in a game of intrigue, love and power struggles.

I am a big fan of Asian dramas, especially Korean ones, but I had never seen a period production. My debut was with Moon Lovers and I believe I started on the right foot, because the story is sensational!

The original version created by Tang Hua, derives from a Chinese novel by the name Bubu Jing Xin .

In an incredible blend of fantasy and reality, Moon Lovers will tell the story of a 25 year old girl from the modern era, who during a solar eclipse is transported to the Goryeo dynasty.

In debt, without a job and without a boyfriend, Ha Jin is complaining about the bad luck in his life, when he watches a little boy drowning and jumps into the water to save him.

At this very moment, something unexpected happens, and during a solar eclipse, it is engulfed by the waters and transported to the Emperor Taejo dynasty in the year 918.

There, she will be Hae So , a sixteen-year-old girl who will emerge from the palace waters, where the beautiful princes, sons of the king, live.

Initially, Hae So will be confused, without really understanding what is happening around her. But, little by little she discovers that she is part of that universe and will try to adapt to the new reality in the best possible way.

She will develop a strong friendship with most princes and fall in love with two of them. At the beginning of the story, for the 8th Prince Wang Wook and as time goes by, his affection will turn into love for Wang So , the feared and courageous 4th Prince.

Their involvement with both happens in a subtle and natural way, not least because a love triangle does not even form, since each romance happens in different periods of history.

Based on real facts, this Korean series of beautiful landscapes, impeccable costumes and perfect soundtrack. It also portrays all the greed for the throne of Taejo and the articulations for power.

Full of action, greed and battles for the kingdom, Moon Lovers will make you smile, cry, cheer and be moved by all those wonderful characters.

I finished watching with a tight heart, sad even at the end, and with an immense longing for this beautiful plot, which despite all the conflicts involved, will be a story that I will never forget. It was certainly the best K-drama I watched in 2018, no, I dare say it was one of the best K-dramas I have ever seen!

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