The day when everything changed …

A few days ago I felt strange, as if suddenly I no longer belonged to myself. Although exactly the same in the mirror reflection, I felt my body different. There were only two signs: sore breasts and five days late menstruation. Enough for me to buy the pregnancy test.

I passed the pharmacy and chose the cheapest test, I didn’t want to spend too much because I was hoping that the result would be negative. The test seemed to boil in my hands, as if he wanted to tell me there was no going back. But I wasn’t ready , I hadn’t thought about it.

At home I told my husband “I’m going to take the test, but it will probably be negative” . How silly I was, as soon as the urine touched the tape, the two red strokes appeared strong and shiny, as if greeting me saying:


I froze, texted my sister to confirm what my eyes were seeing. Yes, it was a positive. Cry. At first it was not a cry of happiness, it was a cry of the most absolute panic . What would I do now? No, it wouldn’t be a problem because I was already 30 years old, I had been married for eight to a wonderful man, there was no reason for so much drama, right? Wrong!

It was my right to feel panicked, after all everything would change, my quiet and peaceful little life would suffer a huge turn! I went to the room with the test in hand, more tears. Diego looked at me a little scared, smiled, hugged me and said that everything would be all right. I know he panicked too, but calming me down first is part of who he is.

To clear up any doubts, I did the blood test, and of course, it was positive. It was then the time to make an appointment and face that yes, I would be a mother, Diego would be a father and everything was fine. God had sent us a gift and we would accept it with joy and an open heart .

Day July 25, 2017 was the day that everything changed. The day when I discovered that I was no longer alone, that inside me there was a little being growing and developing.

Nine months have passed since then, and I have been for a few weeks (at most two) of meeting my most precious asset: Benjamin ! It was not an easy pregnancy (I talk about it in another post), but he is strong and healthy, so nothing else matters. I wait for you son, come without hurry.

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